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Sale ending soon!

¬†Wavestreaming Summer Sale There are just days left to get amazing savings on marketing tools.   50% off Internet Radio Cash 6 Weeks Of Revenue-Changing Training from Wavestreaming, based on 18 months of research and insider info. This amazing course is only $99 when you use promocode¬†CASH50 at the checkout.   25% off RadioPlayer Web […]

4 Quick Tips to Drive Listener Engagement

A radio station isn’t much without its listeners, but how do you engage and keep your listeners happy? How do you know what they want more (or less) of? Here are 4 quick tips for driving listener engagement.   1. Holidays Have you got a plan for what your station is going to do for […]

Station Showcase: JudahNation

Station Summary JudahNation Radio plays the best independent Christian music worldwide. Our mission is to redefine what Christian music is. It’s not a genre or sound; it’s a belief that comes in all types of sounds and music. Whether it be folk, hip hop, R&B, rock or whatever; we play it all. We cater to […]

5 Internet Radio Myths Busted

In the world of music streaming and Smartphones and internet everywhere, its easy to think that internet radio isn’t worth doing, but thats not the case! Today we’re going to bust five common myths about internet radio: Myth: Internet radio isn’t popular Who listens to internet radio? Between traditional radio and music streaming services, there […]

Station Showcase: RPM Motorsports Radio Network

RPM Motorsports Radio Network Station Summary We are Motorsports Radio that cover IndyCar, Drag, and Sports Car racing in the United States, both on the ameture and Professional level, as well as Formula 1 and Le Mans Endurance Sports Car racing the world over. Our guests are renown seasoned pros as well as new, upcoming […]

Wavestreaming Uptime Stats – July 2014

Overview – Average of all Checks Uptime Outages Response Time 99.96% 19 191 ms   Checks with Downtime Server Name Uptime Downtime Outages Response Time (Website) 99.85% 1h 04m 59s 13 953 ms 99.72% 2h 05m 00s 1 93 ms 99.74% 1h 55m 00s 1 89 ms 99.74% 1h 55m 00s […]

Why should you optimise your site for mobile

The ubiquitousness of Smartphones has influenced the way we interact with the internet. Activities that used to be limited to the Desktop of laptop computer can now be done on the go on a Smartphones. A report released earlier this year has shown that the Smartphone ownership has grown 500% in 5 years, and that […]