Monthly Archives: September 2014

How to get the most out of your Facebook page

At this point everyone on the web has a Facebook account, so it’s a great place to start your outreach and engage with listeners, and this is where a Facebook page comes in handy! “So what’s a Facebook page” you ask? Well, to put it simply it’s a place for your radio station where listeners […]

How To Get Your App Seen

If you’ve ever been to the iTunes store, you’ll know that the number of apps can be almost overwhelming. In fact, the latest figures show that there are an estimated 1.2million apps available to purchase and download. So how do you make sure that your app gets found both by your listeners and by people […]

4 directories where you should list your station

I was looking for a particular station the other day and got so frustrated with the lack of options. It got me thinking why there wasn’t a wider selection of genres and music sets to tune into, and ultimately I think it’s because radio broadcasters just don’t know where to get listed, so I’ve rounded […]

Station Showcase: Metal Hard

Metal Hard Station Summary 24/7 non-stop Hard Rock and Heavy Metal station. Metal Hard covers all Hard Rock and Metal genres from Classic Rock, NWOBHM, Hair Metal, Alternative, Power, Thrash, Death, Black, and everything in between. Metal Hard also promotes new and upcoming bands and help them to promote their music. Through a music submission […]

Wavestreaming Uptime Stats – August 2014

Overview – Average of all Checks Uptime Outages Response Time 99.86% 41 127 ms Checks with Downtime Server Name Uptime Downtime Outages Response Time 99.91% 0h 40m 00s 8 1008 ms 98.73% 9h 25m 00s 3 76 ms 99.38% 4h 35m 00s 4 63 ms 99.60% 3h 00m 00s 1 67 […]

Station Showcase: Mixology Radio Vegas

Mixology Radio Vegas Station Summary “If you love EDM you are going to love Mark Lewis’ Mixology,” A spokesperson from the company. “This is really a game changer, it’s free on most platforms and the music is going to be shockingly good. Live the Las Vegas club life 24/7 with Mixology Radio!” Mixology Radio application […]

Internet Radio vs. Streaming Music Services

Streaming music is the new trend – with streaming services showing a 42% increase in listeners in the first quarter of 2014. The draw of these services is the ability to customise the streams based on what you already like. Traditional radio still gets a huge listenership, with 90% of people tuning in to a […]

Listener Magnet 2.0

Internet Radio is going through a revolution – with listener numbers creeping up all the time. So how can you take advantage of this for your station? At Wavestreaming we know that getting listeners is a lot of work and can make or break a station – This is why we’ve put together Listener Magnet […]