Product News - Android Apps are available again!

Posted on by Aaron

Android App Banner

We’ve been working on the new process, and is it now live and ready for you to make your station an app, customised to use your station’s branding and colours! Apps are a great way to provide your listeners with an easy way to listen to your station on the go! The app is compatible with most Android phones, as well as Kindle Fire and Fire Phone if you choose to upload the App to the Amazon store.

Things you will need:-

  • Station details (website, server IP, and port number)
  • Icon and background images (Icons must be 1024x1024px, Background Image must be 720x1280px)
  • A Google Developer account and/or an Amazon account (we do not ask for these details, but an account will be needed when you upload the app to the store)

The builder will take you through the steps of how to put your app together and making it look as you wish. When you are finished, submit the App to us.

We will build the App, and produce the needs screenshots and graphics. We will then send a zip file to you.

You will then be able to upload the app to your own developer account. We have guides on how to upload your apps to the Google Play Store and Amazon Stores.

RadioPlayer for Android is available on a monthly or annual plan starting at $10/m.



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