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UK Daylight Savings 26th October 2014

In the UK at 2:00am on Sunday 26th October the clocks will go back an hour, making the mornings lighter and evenings darker. For many of us this is a seamless transition, however, as your cloud DJ schedules are currently set for BST (if you are a UK customer) they will need to pushed forward […]

Wavestreaming Backup – Backup Files Online

Introducing Wavestreaming Backup, the number one solution to store files and folders in the cloud directly from your computer.   What is Wavestreaming Backup? It is a desktop software for both Mac and PC to store files securely in the cloud, that’s any files like documents, pictures, music, and video. Ensure your files are safe […]

Creating a Website for your Radio Station using Wix

Starting with Wix Building a website has never been easier. Instead of getting your hands dirty with code, use a service to design, build, and maintain your content. Wix, a cloud-based web development platform, offers a “drag and drop” style approach to building a website. No technical skills required Use pre-built website templates Free to […]

Tutorial – Optimize Your Site For Internet Radio

Having a website for your online radio station is a must, it gives your listeners more doors to open, such as – weekly lineups, information about the station, and DJ bios. With the likes of WordPress, Wix, and other web-based CMS, creating a website has never been easier.   1. Know your audience Creating a […]

Broadcasting 101 – How to get Setup with SHOUTcast

What is SHOUTcast? SHOUTcast is a piece of server software for online radio or media streaming developed by a company called Nullsoft (now owned by AOL). It allows digital audio content, primarily in MP3 or AAC audio, to be broadcasted to and from a desktop media player software, enabling hobbyists and professionals to create effective […]

Free Webinar: Mobile Broadcasting – What you need to know

Webinar: Mobile Broadcasting – What you need to know In the first of an ongoing series of FREE webinars, Founder & CEO of Wavestreaming, James Mulvany and Chief Marketing officer, Mike Cunsolo will discuss in detail the FACTS about mobile broadcasting and explore some of the amazing opportunities, and the challenges, it presents. The proliferation […]

Cloud DJ Request System

As some of you may know we have been working hard on integrating an automated request system into Cloud DJ and I am glad to say that we have it all up and running! Before going live with this system we require some testers for this closed beta stage, follow the jump if you would […]