Product News - How To Make Money with an Internet Radio Station

Posted on by James M

Ever wanted to start generating revenue using internet radio? Its a common problem, a lot of station owners have (especially hobbyists, music enthusiasts, faith broadcasters and so on) attracting an audience is great, but what about the costs involved with running a radio station? Server bills, licensing, advertising, studio equipment and more all add up, but the station is costing more to run than it is making.

Well if you’ve built up a radio station on the web, then you have a valuable tool in your hands to start generating profit. Our new training product ‘Internet Radio Cash’ focuses on exactly how some radio stations are killing it and generating anywhere from a few thousand dollars per year, to hundreds of thousands – however you look at it, your station can provide anything from helping you out with a bit of extra cash through to becoming a seriously profitable business asset.

We’ve recorded an entire 5 week training course, containing videos which talk about how radio has come so far since the late 00s and how now, in 2013 you can begin using your station as a marketing tool to promote other businesses, attract donations, sell products and much more. In Internet Radio Cash we look at the results of a 18 month long study of some of the most successful online stations – how they are making money and how you can implement these concepts too.

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