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At the very start of last year something dawned on us that made us re-think the way broadcasts were created and shared.

Newcomers to online radio struggled to get past the first few steps when starting their own station. We then had a “lightbulb moment”: Why not build a service that streamlines the entire process?

Out of this was born!


Brought to you by the team behind Wavestreaming, it’s an intuitive and easy to use all in one solution that gives you everything you need to effortlessly set up and control every aspect of your online radio station – It’s as simple as clicking a button to start broadcasting. Dashboard redefines online radio broadcasting for the modern era by making it as simple and easy as possible to create and share your station’s content with the world – From the get go you gain access to all the essential radio tools you need to successfully start broadcasting and get your audience listening.

Why Build It?

Our in house team of professionals have been busy over the last year working on and have poured all their experience and knowledge into it. We have accumulated new ideas, listened to customer feedback, and learned from our past mistakes to create what we think is a game changer.

Ultimately we built to simplify online radio so it’s an all in one tool box of services and allows anyone to start broadcasting to the entire world in minutes.

Where Does This Leave Wavestreaming?

Don’t worry, Wavestreaming isn’t going anywhere!

Over the years Wavestreaming has amassed a huge base of radio professionals that we want to continue building new features and supporting broadcasters.

Rest assured we’ve answered all your questions about in our FAQ.

What’s Next? is offering a 7 day free trial, so you can try the new platform without being tied into anything.


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