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Many of us now realise that this world is not run in quite the way we are lead to believe and covert, manipulating and controlling activities are taking place behind the scenes that are not designed for the benefit of you or me, you only need to see how the puppets in government behave these days, it screams out in many cases! CRY FREEDOM RADIO has been put together as a TRUTH INFORMATION HUB on both the website and the broadcasting side, currently playing 24/7 Essential Truth Information for you to listen to yourself and then share with family and friends, with a LIVE once a week show coming from this September 2014, every Thursday evening from 8-10pm UK GMT. So listen in to find out what is really going on and spread the word wide and far because TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!

In their own words

I have been aware of the TRUTH about this world for a few years and through my activist work came into contact with a new truth radio station that had just started off two years ago back in 2012 in Manchester, North West UK, I had my own weekly show on that station, THE CRY FREEDOM SHOW, for just over a year and recently left to form my own Station, CRY FREEDOM RADIO.COM

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Products is hosted on Wavestreaming servers and uses Cloud DJ automation to keep the station running 24/7.


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