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Station Summary
Tron radio is an internet radio playing electro, synth and indie pop and themed music shows. They plan to revamp their website to offer more textual content – interviews, album reviews etc. They began promoting alternative music events in Serbia and Balkans, and introducing some local artists through our rotation.

In their own words
There is no good platform for alternative sound that leans to electro in Serbia nowadays. We tried to prove that you can make a radio station that is neither CHR nor SOFT AC, which are the only two formats known by terrestrial radio in our country. Now we’re expanding and reaching out to DJ organisations and individuals who can produce quality content.

Since all the people gathered around the station have their real jobs and real lives, we completely rely on Cloud DJ automation. Since we don’t have to worry about the servers, we can dedicate all our time to producing broadcasting content.

Keep up to date with Submelody by checking out their website at

Electronica, Indie Pop, Synth Pop

Tron Radio uses Wavestreaming’s Cloud DJ service and uses our flash player to stream directly to their website.




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