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At the very start of last year something dawned on us that made us re-think the way broadcasts were created and shared. Newcomers to online radio struggled to get past the first few steps when starting their own station. We then had a “lightbulb moment”: Why not build a service that streamlines the entire process? […]

Shoutcast Uptime Stats – June 2013

Overview – Average of all Checks Uptime Outages Response Time 99.96% 38 127 ms   Checks with Downtime Server Name Uptime Downtime Outages Response Time 99.69% 2h 15m 00s 9 74 ms 99.91% 0h 40m 00s 1 151 ms 99.92% 0h 35m 00s 4 78 ms 99.94% 0h 25m 00s 3 […]

Shoutcast Uptime Stats – May 2013

We pride ourselves on our uptime records – so much so that we list them publicly. Our servers are up 24/7/365 with minimal downtime, if there is an issue we have customer support on standby ready to handle any problems. Here’s the stats for all our servers for May 2013 –   Overview – Average […]

Broadcasting vs Podcasting – What is the Difference and Why?

Overview The power and benefit of being constantly accessible for your listener base is of the utmost importance for online broadcasters – podcasts on the other hand offer a different experience as they’re chunks of information usually consisting of an hour or so focusing on a specific topic. We will magnify the differences between the […]