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Station Showcase – VKRS Radio

VKRS Radio   Station Summary VKRS Radio is an underground electronic music station founded in 2010 showcasing selected tracks from some of the top labels like: Netlabel, Creative Commons, Copyleft, and Independent Electronic Artists. Priding themselves on being a platform for DJ’s and artist, they regularly release new tracks like the Purespace compilation collection. All […]

Station Showcase: Spaces FM

Spaces FM   Station Summary Spaces FM aims to progressively redefine classical radio through its experimental nature – This niche station plays contemporary, electronic, classical, and ambient music along with new cinematic music across the ambient, modern classical, breaks, film scores, and post dub style genres. Based in the UK, this station has a large […]

Station Showcase: 2Nite Radio

2Nite Radio   Station Summary Sacha Villeneuve, the founder of 2Nite Radio, noticed that most radio stations specialised in one specific music genre and did not offer diversity – This sparked him to create a radio station with a lot more variety and range of music styles to please a diverse audience. He also uses […]