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Android App Showcase- Fresh Radio

Fresh Radio   Description Fresh Radio is your home for Classic & Progressive Hip-Hop & Soul and Fresh Mixes from Legendary and Great DJ’s and Turntablist 24/7 “Fresh Out The Box” based in Virginia USA.     Why Move To Android? Fresh radio decided the create an Android app following the success of their iPhone […]

Music Licensing and Royalties for your Radio Station

Starting a radio station online has never been easier. At Wavestreaming it’s as quick as 5 minutes to get up and broadcasting. The big hurdle that many broadcasters face is music licensing and royalties. Most broadcasting providers do not supply any form of licensing – content broadcasted is the broadcaster’s responsibility, it’s up to them […]

iTunes Radio – What is it and How Does it Affect Music Services?

On the 10th of June Apple announced the launch of iTunes radio, a streaming music service that builds a personalised station based on the user’s music tastes. Although this is a consumer facing product, it also presents a fantastic opportunity for savvy stations to build their audiences.   What is it? Essentially it’s a personalised […]

Upscaling an Online Radio Station

You’ve started an online radio station and ticked off all the boxes – Music ✓ DJs ✓ Website ✓ Listed on popular radio directories ✓ What now? Essentially you should be at a postion to focus on broadcasting to your listeners, but what happens if the demand is too much of a strain and your […]