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At the very start of last year something dawned on us that made us re-think the way broadcasts were created and shared. Newcomers to online radio struggled to get past the first few steps when starting their own station. We then had a “lightbulb moment”: Why not build a service that streamlines the entire process? […]

How to get the most out of your Facebook page

At this point everyone on the web has a Facebook account, so it’s a great place to start your outreach and engage with listeners, and this is where a Facebook page comes in handy! “So what’s a Facebook page” you ask? Well, to put it simply it’s a place for your radio station where listeners […]

4 directories where you should list your station

I was looking for a particular station the other day and got so frustrated with the lack of options. It got me thinking why there wasn’t a wider selection of genres and music sets to tune into, and ultimately I think it’s because radio broadcasters just don’t know where to get listed, so I’ve rounded […]

Station Showcase: Mixology Radio Vegas

Mixology Radio Vegas Station Summary “If you love EDM you are going to love Mark Lewis’ Mixology,” A spokesperson from the company. “This is really a game changer, it’s free on most platforms and the music is going to be shockingly good. Live the Las Vegas club life 24/7 with Mixology Radio!” Mixology Radio application […]

5 Internet Radio Myths Busted

In the world of music streaming and Smartphones and internet everywhere, its easy to think that internet radio isn’t worth doing, but thats not the case! Today we’re going to bust five common myths about internet radio: Myth: Internet radio isn’t popular Who listens to internet radio? Between traditional radio and music streaming services, there […]

Android App Builder – Helps Radio Stations Create an App in Minutes

Taking advantage of the recent surge in Android usage, Wavestreaming’s new Android App builder makes it easier than ever for radio stations to create a state of the art app and broadcast themselves to new audiences. “More and more of our stations are being accessed through mobile devices and a huge majority of those devices […]

Broadcast Online Radio

  Innovative Online Radio Solutions Established in 2004, Wavestreaming has grown to become a market leader in online radio, providing broadcasting solutions to thousands of stations globally. Wavestreaming provide audio streaming services and embeddable radio players which enable a multitude of clients including commercial radio stations, DJs, records labels, religious and charitable organisations, sport and […]

Station Showcase: OneLuvFM

OneLuvFM   Station Summary OneLuvFM was born in September 2011 by Big Tony – the station’s base of operations is in Paris, France. Tony originally spread his music and recordings via CDs and USBs to friends and family, taking it one step further he decided to start an online radio to spread his music to […]

How to Promote a Radio Station

I get asked a question a lot: ‘How do I promote my station?‘. It’s a tricky question to answer, and there’s no one definitive solution. Instead I have broken down the fundamentals on how to get started, talking you through what you need to do to reach your audience and become successful in the long […]

Android App Waiting List

The wait is over! Let your listeners tune-in anywhere right from their Android Device.     We’ve made building an app for Android easier than ever before. There are no costly designers or developers needed, no account needed to get onto the Google Play™ Store. Simply use our app builder, upload your logo and graphics, […]