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At the very start of last year something dawned on us that made us re-think the way broadcasts were created and shared. Newcomers to online radio struggled to get past the first few steps when starting their own station. We then had a “lightbulb moment”: Why not build a service that streamlines the entire process? […]

How To Get Your App Seen

If you’ve ever been to the iTunes store, you’ll know that the number of apps can be almost overwhelming. In fact, the latest figures show that there are an estimated 1.2million apps available to purchase and download. So how do you make sure that your app gets found both by your listeners and by people […]

4 directories where you should list your station

I was looking for a particular station the other day and got so frustrated with the lack of options. It got me thinking why there wasn’t a wider selection of genres and music sets to tune into, and ultimately I think it’s because radio broadcasters just don’t know where to get listed, so I’ve rounded […]

Listener Magnet 2.0

Internet Radio is going through a revolution – with listener numbers creeping up all the time. So how can you take advantage of this for your station? At Wavestreaming we know that getting listeners is a lot of work and can make or break a station – This is why we’ve put together Listener Magnet […]

4 Quick Tips to Drive Listener Engagement

A radio station isn’t much without its listeners, but how do you engage and keep your listeners happy? How do you know what they want more (or less) of? Here are 4 quick tips for driving listener engagement.   1. Holidays Have you got a plan for what your station is going to do for […]

5 Internet Radio Myths Busted

In the world of music streaming and Smartphones and internet everywhere, its easy to think that internet radio isn’t worth doing, but thats not the case! Today we’re going to bust five common myths about internet radio: Myth: Internet radio isn’t popular Who listens to internet radio? Between traditional radio and music streaming services, there […]

How to Increase Revenue for your Radio Station

Radio Revenue You’ve got your station all set up, you’re broadcasting top quality content, and have a good listener base. How do you generate revenue from your station? Here at Wavestreaming we’re big on ethical revenue generation, so much so that we have a 6+ week course dedicated to just that. As we said in […]

Play SHOUTcast on Android

Billions More Listeners Over the past few days our development team have been hard at work on our HTML5 player to bring Android compatibility and allow potentially billions of new listeners to tune in and play SHOUTcast on Android!     Previously users with Android devices will not have been able to enjoy your radio […]

Wavestreaming Sale

When it comes to Online Radio we all know the key to it’s success is a high number of listeners. The best way to get listeners is to make your station more accessible. This Summer Wavestreaming have introduced some great deals on our listener oriented products to help you grow your station and get more […]

Future of Internet Radio: What You Need to Know

Future of Internet Radio One of the most interesting things that’s happening to online radio at the moment is the explosion of new listeners due to easier accessibility and a whole new ecosystem for broadcasters to build a grander community. We recently focused on the future of internet radio and where it’s headed in our […]