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Android App Showcase – AL-NOOR FM

AL-NOOR FM   Description AL-NOOR FM’s mission is to expand the Islamic knowledge and provide the best of it in the swahili and arabic languages. Based in Tanzania AL-NOOR FM believe it’s critical to pass on knowledge and build a community spirit based on principles of Islamic religion.     Why Move To Android? AL-NOOR FM’s audience […]

Android App Showcase – Fire Online

Fire Online Description Fire Online Radio-  founded in June 2008, has one and one true aim which is to bring great Caribbean radio programming to the region and the world beyond. We are developing a wide variety of programming that will deliver a difference to our listeners. Devised programmes we have, include  SOS (Soca On Saturday), […]

Android App Showcase – BIC RADIO

BIC RADIO Description BIC Radio stands for “Bikers Inner Circle”  and it is all based around the US biker band (the charlie brechtel band) their manifest goes on to say-  There is a history, a legacy and a brotherhood that comprise the soul of the American Biker. Those are also the elements that separate the music […]

Android App Showcase- 66 RAW MOBILE RADIO

66 RAW MOBILE RADIO Description 66 RAW MOBILE RADIO are the nation’s premier DJ’s and On-Air personalities providing our listeners a wide variety of music and skillfully blended to make sure you have never a dull moment where ever you are and where ever you can get our stream. All of 66 Raw Shogun DJ’s […]

Android App Showcase: 06AM IBIZA

06AM IBIZA Description 06AM IBIZA are an Ibiza native radio station that brings you the latest dance, trance and house tracks and party information to people worldwide and on Ibiza.         Why Move To Android? 06AM IBIZA chose to move to Android as it gave their listeners flexibility  on where and how they […]

Android App Showcase: Salafi TT Live Radio

Salafi TT Live Radio   Description Striving by Allah’s permission to spread the Quran & Sunnah worldwide, Salafi TT Live Radio broadcasts live and pre-recorded high quality audio by scholars, their students, and the Islamic callers from around the world.   Why Move To Android? Salafi Radio is all about spreading the word of Allah, […]

Android App Showcase: NASN Radio

NASN Radio   Description NASN is an Internet soccer broadcasting network, home to shows like The Best Soccer Show, Yanks Abroad, Soccer Made In Portland, Mad About Futbol, and more. NASN was founded by Trevor Hayward in 2011 and produces audio and video podcasts covering soccer competitions both in the United States and abroad, downloaded […]

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO DJ Controller Review

James and Jamie review the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO. The DJ controller uses a USB connection for easy access on any desktop computer and it comes with a four-deck version of Virtual DJ LE. Great for beginners or those on a budget looking for a quick setup. Grab the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO directly from

Android App Showcase: MXSXK

MXSXK   Description MXSXK is an alternative music radio station based in Brazil who, with their Imaginary Opera Mixtape Project, will give you “new bands, new musiks, a unique mood”. The ambience created by their playlist is calm and poetic and allows listeners to discover new music easily.   Why Move To Android? MXSXK have […]

Android App Showcase: ETM.FM

ETM.FM   Description ETM.FM, or EuroTrashMusic, is a Johannesburg based radio station that relie on the music made popular by communities and groups on the Internet. The station has no genre and no restrictions, playing anything and everything from Queens of the Stone Age, Freelance Whales, and Dizzie Rascal.   Why Move To Android? ETM.FM […]