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How to get the most out of your Facebook page

At this point everyone on the web has a Facebook account, so it’s a great place to start your outreach and engage with listeners, and this is where a Facebook page comes in handy! “So what’s a Facebook page” you ask? Well, to put it simply it’s a place for your radio station where listeners […]

5 Ways To Grow Your Listeners Using Social Media

So, you’ve got your station set up, your App is in the store, and you’re raring to go. How do you ensure you’re not broadcasting into the void? Content Is King Content will always be king. Sharing quality content is the best way to drive up followers/likes/etc on social media. Content does not necessarily mean […]

5 Social Media Tips For Online Radio

Social Media Tips and Tricks Social media was once an iffy area to venture into for any business, asking themselves whether or not it was a viable option to spend time and resources. In 2013 that ship has sailed with popular services like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. It has become increasingly important to really push […]

How to Get More Listeners For Your Station

Turning Listeners Into Fans It’s no revelation that at the centre of any good radio station is a large listenership, but even more important is a fanbase. The difference between a listener and a fan is that a listener might tune into your station for a few minutes, whereas a fan will return to tune […]