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Wavestreaming Update: New Tech, iPhone App, and Much More!

2014 is going to be an exciting year! We’ve been extremely busy here at Wavestreaming HQ, researching and developing new streaming media tech to help make it even easier for radio broadcasters to transmit on the web. James, founder of Wavestreaming, chats about a few upcoming and exciting new services we have in the pipeline […]

Broadcasting vs Podcasting – What is the Difference and Why?

Overview The power and benefit of being constantly accessible for your listener base is of the utmost importance for online broadcasters – podcasts on the other hand offer a different experience as they’re chunks of information usually consisting of an hour or so focusing on a specific topic. We will magnify the differences between the […]

Does your SHOUTcast streaming host deliver 99.9% uptime consistently?

We are using a service called Pingdom to monitor the performance and uptime of our network of servers. Reports over the past few months suggest that we consistently deliver over 99% uptime – meaning our clients’ internet radio stations are on air 24/7 – with no buffering and plenty of available bandwidth. Our uptime records […]