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Use Show Notes to Grow Audience Figures

Have you ever listened to a radio show, heard the DJ or guest talking about something, and not been able to find any information about what they were talking about anywhere? Or conversely, gone to the show’s website and found notes on the show and been able to follow up on what they’ve been talking […]

Holiday Programming for your Internet Radio Station

Its holiday time! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, its all happening in the next few months. So, do you have your holiday programs sorted? Do you have a strategy in place? Here are some tips for holiday programming for your Internet radio station Holiday programming is an important part of any schedule, and can […]

Why should you optimise your site for mobile

The ubiquitousness of Smartphones has influenced the way we interact with the internet. Activities that used to be limited to the Desktop of laptop computer can now be done on the go on a Smartphones. A report released earlier this year has shown that the Smartphone ownership has grown 500% in 5 years, and that […]

5 Ways To Grow Your Listeners Using Social Media

So, you’ve got your station set up, your App is in the store, and you’re raring to go. How do you ensure you’re not broadcasting into the void? Content Is King Content will always be king. Sharing quality content is the best way to drive up followers/likes/etc on social media. Content does not necessarily mean […]

5 Social Media Tips For Online Radio

Social Media Tips and Tricks Social media was once an iffy area to venture into for any business, asking themselves whether or not it was a viable option to spend time and resources. In 2013 that ship has sailed with popular services like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. It has become increasingly important to really push […]

How to Create a Mobile Radio Site

Post-PC spells the future of Media Consumption. It is a well-known fact we are now in a ‘Post-PC’ world. Gone are the days of booting up your desktop or laptop to check your emails, find out movie times or catch up on the news. In Quarter 3 2012 UK PC sales dropped by 7% were […]