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Internet Radio Rises!

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More and more listeners are tuning into online radios, according to a study conducted by Targetspot. The reason being is due to these key factors –

  • Social media has made it easier to follow, share, and interact with stations via the medium with sites like Twitter and Facebook, growing listener figures from everywhere around the world.
  • Device agnostic users can now gain access to stations through desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Numerous stations gives freedom to listen to a selective type of station or genre of music.
  • Engaging listeners through advertisements, social media, forums, and blog posts interact with users which in turn improve features and provide user driven stations.

The study also confirmed –

  • 73% of Internet radio listeners change stations multiple times a day.
  • 61% of listeners don’t keep player minimized, 64% often check the player for song/artist info.
  • 80% of internet radio audience listens for 1-3 hours per day, 40% listening 1-2 hours per session.

With the number of growing smart phones and tablets the listener audience for mobile devices is growing rapidly, here are stats for Internet Radio Listeners in 2011

  • Computer/Laptop – 97%
  • Basic mobile phone – 54%
  • Smartphone – 51%
  • Tablet – 15%

Stats for Internet Radio Listeners in 2012

  • Computer/Laptop – 95%
  • Basic mobile phone – 42%
  • Smartphone – 62%
  • Tablet – 28%

In summary listeners are more connected, interactive, tech aware, and have the freedom to choose thousands of user driven stations. Have you started yours yet?

Source [Targetspot,, 2012]



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