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#NowPlaying – The Wavestreaming Twitter App Blog Post

Music lovers across the world are turning to Twitter in order to find new music, playlists, and radio stations that suit their tastes. With so many music lovers joining Twitter every day it’s easier than ever to attract new listeners to your station.

Twitter Wavestreaming App

One of the most current and stable trends on Twitter is ‘#nowplaying’. Listeners can type in this term and search through Twitter endlessly looking for music they want to listen to. Broadcasters are already exploiting this trend and stealing away your listeners, however with your main resource being right here, why should they have the upper hand?


Hash Tagging to Victory

The best way to begin this Twitter campaign is to carefully choose which hashtags are best suited to your station.

Is your station genre based? Use a hashtag that reflects this, for example ‘#altrock’. Include a link to your station in your tweet and the right listeners will be brought directly to you.

The Wavestreaming Twitter App for SHOUTcast also gives the option of updating tweets every 5 minutes. However, if you do choose to be this active, it is good to be wary of the fact that you may be inadvertently spamming your followers’ Twitter feeds. This option is more viable to stations who are not broadcasting 24/7.

Epic Radio Tweet Strucutre

Using the Wavestreaming Twitter App for SHOUTcast, you can reach the right listeners with hardly any effort; you just need to activate the App within your control panel, choose which compulsory hashtags you want in your tweets, and select how often you want your tweets to be sent.

Everything else is automated, so there is no need to worry about changing your schedule or priorities. Just sit back and watch your listenership grow.

Epic Radio Tweeting

Unlike other Twitter apps, this one is built specifically for SHOUTcast users. This means that everything is built to be suited around you. This also means our customer service team will understand your issues and queries much better than any other.


If you are interested in using Twitter to grow your listeners then you can get the Wavestreaming Twitter App for SHOUTcast now from the SHOUTcast section of your control panel:



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